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Parent/Player Resources

**COVID-19 Information**

For information regarding COVID-19 protocols with the State of Massachusetts, USA Hockey, MASS Hockey, BHL-E9, and/or individual rinks please visit the link to the right.

BHL-E9 Rink Protocols and Guidelines

SPECTATORS – Facilities (at their discretion) now have the ability to allow two (2) adult chaperones and siblings per player into the facility provided they follow social distancing guidance and the facility remains below the state's current capacity limit.

Please double-check the rinks guidelines to see if this applies to the rink you will be visiting as not ALL rinks are allowing spectators. 

FACE COVERINGS - Players, coaches, and officials are required to wear face coverings at all times. This includes during play. Acceptable face coverings should follow the guidance issued by the CDC, Products that are specific to hockey (CCM “Game On”, Bauer Concept 3 Splash Guard, etc.) are understood to be acceptable.

MULTIPLE GAMES/TOURNAMENTS - Teams are limited to one game per day unless games are played back-to-back in a multi-sheet facility and the facility has adequate transition space for players and spectators and there is no break between games.

TRAVEL/OUT OF STATE TEAMS and PLAYERS - Facilities may only allow Massachusetts-based teams and Massachusetts-based participants to participate in Massachusetts-based events held at Massachusetts-based facilities. Any Massachusetts-based athlete that chooses to leave the state to participate in a sports event must comply with the COVID-19 Travel Order issued by the Commonwealth before returning to work, school, or public events. Any Massachusetts-based team that chooses to leave the state to participate in a sporting event or any facility/program that hosts an out-of-state team at a Massachusetts facility or allows an out-of-state player to participate on a Massachusetts-based team risks facility closure or suspension of practices and/or games. 

LOCKER ROOMS: Locker rooms are to be closed until further notice. Facility operators will ensure that they are not open or occupied. Players are strongly encouraged to arrive dressed in their equipment and facilities will have socially-distanced space set up where players can put on their skates and other equipment prior to taking the ice. Each facility will have a traffic flow pattern specific to their setup. We encourage facilities to share this information with programs and coaches in advance of an ice session as well as posting online in conjunction with their league partners.

 These rules cannot be ignored if we want our league season to continue!

Rink COVID-19 Protocols and Regulations

*Please note: We do our best to keep these as up to date as possible, however, with the fast-changing world of COVID-19, we may be delayed in the process. If the rink is not listed then we have not received any correspondence regarding their guidelines and can not find any listed on their website. 

Important Documents/waivers